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The surname “Koumarianos” is met in various places of Greece. Some people say that its  origin is  Constantinople, while other say that its roots are found in Attica. It is a question that is difficult if no impossible to be answered. As difficult also it is to be answered the question if it’s about branches of the same tree which has been spread during the years or if the surname has been “born” in different places and consequently “Koumarianoi” who are coming from different geographic regions they have no blood relationship between them.

The idea to collect and preserve elements relative to our ancestors and to set up our family tree is not new. But some day I realised that as long as the years pass and the persons leave are with them lost valuable sources and information, of course. I understood then that do not exist other margins of time. It was in the summertime of 2003 when I decided to start noting down in rough all the data I had in my mind. Then I start asking some people who knew, adding more info to my database. After two years I had collected enough data to feed the first draft of our genealogical tree.  I set up the trunk of it and I began to add branches and offshoots.

Today, we could say that the tree is shaped, but it needs the care of all of us so that it continues to grow up. The help of technology also(computer, internet, etc), makes the things easier. We all have easy access in our genealogical tree as this is each time shaped, getting information, suggesting corrections and completions, participating in its permanent enrichment. It could be desirable if somebody of us, having the knowledge and the desire, improve it turning it into a handy and useful database.


Evangelos Ant. Koumarianos (Athens, Sept 2006)

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In the difficult travel to the past I could reach up to six generations back in the beginning of the 19th century. There around in the 1810 I suppose that Zannis or Zannes Nikolaos Koumarianos was born, whose descendants  are we all.  Him we consider accordingly as the head of our "race", hence also trunk of our genealogical tree.

 Zannis and Maria Koumarianou they had four children (Nicholaos, Mattheos, Panayiotis and Frantzeskoula) that they are the four basic branches of tree.

Click here to see the will of Zannis N. Koumarianos of the 1st September of 1892